Great bacon, period.

We care where we source from… California Prop 12 ready!
  • 100% CAGE FREE Hogs**
  • Raised in the USA on Family Farms
  • NO Antibiotics Ever
  • No Hormones Added1
  • All Natural*
  • No Animal By-products & All Vegetarian Feed†

American Humane Certified, provides third-party auditing of every phase of pork production including farms, transportation and harvesting. The certification is based on the Five Freedoms, a globally accepted measure of animal care that goes beyond the basics of food, water, shelter and health to include freedom from distress and the freedom to express normal behaviors. To learn more visit:

Small batches make for better bacon!

Our bacon is produced in small batches, as a gourmet, all natural bacon. All of our bacon is uncured, using celery salt and sea salt, with natural turbinado sugars and maple syrup, then gently smoked with real wood, and always made with very simple ingredients.

We currently make 500 pounds at a time, sourcing from Family Farm producers, supplying the best pork. When you taste it, you’ll know.

Flugger’s Bacon comes in Sliced, unsliced Slab or Ground for maximum versatility in your cooking!