Ugly Bacon Mixed Box

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Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!

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Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!
Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!
Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!
Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!
Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!
Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!
Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!
Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!

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Ugly Bacon, Mixed Pack - 2.5 lbs!

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Manufacturer: Flugger's Bacon
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The Ugly Bacon Mixed Box pack

Why Ugly BACON*? 

Each month we have a few pieces that public standards deem "substandard, flawed" "unsellable" and even "UGLY", so we can't sell these pieces in the stores. Good thing for you, huh? But we all know there is no such thing as unwanted bacon! Sadly with all of us at Flugger's Bacon, there is only so much bacon we can eat (which is a lot!) and it started adding up little by little... Now's your chance to get some!

The packs don't have the pretty label on the front either, allowing for lower prices. Awesome Bacon, low price! 

Each UGLY combo pack will receive:

2 - Ugly packs of 12 oz Sliced bacon
1 - Regular pack of our exclusive Ground bacon

Want more? 
Add additional single packs of both the 12 oz Ugly sliced packs for just $5.00 each, or the 1 lb Ground bacon for just $10.00 each! 

We offer a Curbside and Contactless Pickup at our warehouse! 
Call to schedule your pick up time: 707-595-8676 
Find us here: 1257 Cleveland Ave. Ste C, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Ugly Bacon definition, guarantee and expectations:

*Ugly bacon sliced packages are USDA inspected & labeled, not expired or returned items. The front Flugger's Bacon label may not be on the front, but can be identified on the back USDA Ingredients label. The packages may have visual flaws, such as imperfect cuts, odd shapes, lengths and sizes, or varying fat to meat ratios. Occasionally, some packages are loosely vacuum packed containing air gaps, but they are fully sealed, not spoiled, not physically damaged or punctured in any way and have passed inspection. All are kept frozen until shipped to maintain freshness and longevity.
On You: All purchasers agree to the unique look and actual product in the package, regardless of fat content, shape, number of pieces, or choice of flavor. These are not returnable. We solely choose the pieces for each order, doing our best to balance the product options. Flavor requests can be requested, but may not be available or fillable at the time of shipment.
On Us: As for your safety and health, if you receive a package you believe is not safe to eat, take these steps to help us: 
1. Take pictures of the product! Full view front/back photos that include the whole package. A clear. legible and complete USDA label photo.
2. Email us the pictures and receipt photo to: Include in the email message: your name and contact information, a description of the issue with the product, and we will contact you within a day or two. 


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