1 hour, 5 minutes

You’re probably wondering why we would have such a silly title. What does time and bacon have in common? So a pig walks into a bar… No bad jokes here, but the fun part is, that it is not so silly. So why then 1 hour and 5 minutes? I’ll tell you: That’s the amount of time it took us to make, serve, and run out of 500 mini BLTs – featuring the Best of Show Black Pepper bacon – at the 2018 Sonoma County Harvest Fair!  

The Barrage begins

On Saturday October 6th, 2018 at 1 p.m., …the gates opened for the Grand Tasting at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. Everyone was looking for the winning Blue and Silver (Best of Show) or Black and White (Sweepstakes) Ribbons, because those were the best places!  We had 100 ready to go, but that didn’t last long. My brother Dylan of Sonoma Cutlery was there to help me through, thank you very much! 

Dylan Cohen (left) and JC Flugger before the onslaught of bacon lovers
12:55 p.m. – They’re coming!

Everyone absolutely loved the flavor, and really enjoyed every aspect of our bacon. “A perfect balance to meat, fat and pepper!” said one gentleman. Thank you to everyone that had a chance to try it! We appreciate your comments and feedback… And the hi-fives! 🙌 

Just keep swimming…

We had 100 ready to go, but that didn’t last long. Within 20 minutes, we had a line of over 75 people waiting to get a scrumptious “Baby BLT”! “Your the guys with the bacon!” We we so overwhelmed, so quickly, our neighbor Jeff  owner @ BACI Chocolates even jumped in to help out. Thanks again! (Whew.)

To those who did not make it before we ran out, we apologize. 😭 Next year, promise we won’t! 

Where did all the bacon go?

It was the best feeling to know Flugger’s Bacon bites were so loved by everyone! Makes it all worth while… Yet, there is a bittersweet side to it; Even though we ran out, but still knowing we will have some for you soon, lightens our hearts. 💖
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Thank you judges for the high praises! 5 awards says a lot…